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Chimera_07_2009.ppt – summer 2009 presentation
Chimera_12_2009.ppt2009–10 winter presentation

internal documents

Chimera_01_09_09.ppt – 01.09.09 meeting
Chimera_08_09_09.ppt – 08.09.09 meeting: VCSs, Mercurial, Mercurial Tutorial
Chimera_22_07_10.ppt – 22.07.10 meeting: almost the same as 08.09.09

links (not usefull to the average stranger) – OpenSolaris ON Developer's Reference Guide – OpenSolaris BrandZ design document – building shellcode as example of using kernel syscalls directly – “The system call dispatcher on x86” short explanation of ntdll interface to syscalls – excerpt from “Undocumented Windows NT” with some info on PE file format – how to make a minimum OpenSolaris install – guys post various useful tips on WRK – “System Call Optimization with the SYSENTER Instruction” rather detailed explanation of sysenter/syscall functioning – “How Do Windows NT System Calls REALLY Work?” detailed explanation of interrupt gates functioning (int 2e) – About ELF Auxiliary Vectors – Sysenter Based System Call Mechanism in Linux 2.6 – What is Explanation of linux VDSO – userland-kernel gateway

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Protocol description (evolving version)

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