Secure Browser project

About: project annotation is available here.

Status: project is closed. We have functioning NIC driver and virtual network interface card (to be precise - generic PCI device host driver and abstract virtual PCI device as part of VM). Also, as a demonstration Realtek 8168 NIC is supported (DMA). Project is closed due to inability to support DMA in a universal way. See presentations for details.

SecureBrowser_08_2007.ppt - 15.08.2007 presentation (overview of Secure Browser project, idea and some details)
SecureBrowser_12_2007.ppt - 18.12.2007 presentation (overview of project, completion report)
SecureBrowser_08_2008.ppt - 13.08.2008 presentation (overview, completion report, DMA problem)
SecureBrowser_12_2008.ppt - 16.12.2008 presentation (overview, completion report, DMA problem solution summary)
SecureBrowser_05_2009.ppt - 20.05.2009 presentation (bachelor graduation work presentation)