Chimera project

About: shortly, we are creating Win32 system call emulation as a branded zone in OpenSolaris. This can be referenced to as "creating Win32 kernel personality for OpenSolaris".
You can view project annotation here. Part of project documentation resides in the wiki (registration required; please note that most of pages are not directly linked to from that page, but reside under it).

Status: project is in progress. We have created initial windows branded zone, i.e. brand kernel module, brand support library and zone configuration files were created. Since PE loader is not yet fully implemented, zone supports only loading of ELF executables. Currently zone supports syscall emulation for calls made via sysenter instruction. Zone have been successfully tested by running an executable forged in a special way that uses NtCreateFile() syscall to create a file.
You can track project progress and future plans on WorkPlan page (registration required, may be a bit outdated).

Chimera_07_2009.ppt - 31.07.2008 presentation (overview of the project, syscall handling overview, completion report)
Chimera_12_2009.ppt - 15.12.2009 presentation (project idea and reasoning, syscall handling overview, completion report)