The Bugzilla Guide - 2.22.1 Release

The Bugzilla Team


This is the documentation for Bugzilla, a bug-tracking system from Bugzilla is an enterprise-class piece of software that tracks millions of bugs and issues for hundreds of organizations around the world.

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Table of Contents
1. About This Guide
1.1. Copyright Information
1.2. Disclaimer
1.3. New Versions
1.4. Credits
1.5. Document Conventions
2. Installing Bugzilla
2.1. Installation
2.2. Configuration
2.3. Optional Additional Configuration
2.4. Multiple Bugzilla databases with a single installation
2.5. OS-Specific Installation Notes
2.6. UNIX (non-root) Installation Notes
3. Administering Bugzilla
3.1. Bugzilla Configuration
3.2. User Administration
3.3. Classifications
3.4. Products
3.5. Components
3.6. Versions
3.7. Milestones
3.8. Flags
3.9. Voting
3.10. Quips
3.11. Groups and Group Security
3.12. Upgrading to New Releases
4. Bugzilla Security
4.1. Operating System
4.2. MySQL
4.3. Webserver
4.4. Bugzilla
5. Customising Bugzilla
5.1. Template Customization
5.2. Template Hooks
5.3. Customizing Who Can Change What
5.4. Modifying Your Running System
5.5. MySQL Bugzilla Database Introduction
5.6. Integrating Bugzilla with Third-Party Tools
6. Using Bugzilla
6.1. Introduction
6.2. Create a Bugzilla Account
6.3. Anatomy of a Bug
6.4. Life Cycle of a Bug
6.5. Searching for Bugs
6.6. Bug Lists
6.7. Filing Bugs
6.8. Patch Viewer
6.9. Hints and Tips
6.10. User Preferences
6.11. Reports and Charts
6.12. Flags
6.13. Whining
A. The Bugzilla FAQ
B. Troubleshooting
B.1. General Advice
B.2. The Apache webserver is not serving Bugzilla pages
B.3. I installed a Perl module, but claims it's not installed!
B.4. DBD::Sponge::db prepare failed
B.5. cannot chdir(/var/spool/mqueue)
B.6. Your vendor has not defined Fcntl macro O_NOINHERIT
B.7. Everybody is constantly being forced to relogin
B.8. Some users are constantly being forced to relogin
B.9. index.cgi doesn't show up unless specified in the URL
B.10. reports "Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server..."
C. Contrib
C.1. Command-line Search Interface
C.2. Command-line 'Send Unsent Bug-mail' tool
D. Manual Installation of Perl Modules
D.1. Instructions
D.2. Download Locations
D.3. Optional Modules
E. GNU Free Documentation License
0. Preamble
1. Applicability and Definition
2. Verbatim Copying
3. Copying in Quantity
4. Modifications
5. Combining Documents
6. Collections of Documents
7. Aggregation with Independent Works
8. Translation
9. Termination
10. Future Revisions of this License
How to use this License for your documents
List of Figures
6-1. Lifecycle of a Bugzilla Bug
List of Examples
4-1. Assigning the MySQL "root" User a Password
4-2. Disabling the MySQL "anonymous" User
4-3. Disabling Networking in MySQL
B-1. Examples of urlbase/cookiepath pairs for sharing login cookies
B-2. Examples of urlbase/cookiepath pairs to restrict the login cookie